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Our Solutions

Consultation with the Client

Burnaby Solutions' approach starts with close consultation with our client to understand objectives, goals and deliverables. We analyse available opportunities and threats from our clients' perspectives, including their corporate identity and values. Together with the client, we chart out the marketing goal of the event, and set realistic targets to achieve our clients' strategic objectives.

Organised Creativity

Burnaby Solutions creative team believes that the creativity stems not only from inspiration, but also from a systematic application of talent towards the clients' objective. We do not see budgets and logistical issues as limitations – rather, we apply organised creativity to spur us to create events that maximise value for our clients. And with organised creativity, our team translates the creative concept into workable, memorable and high-impact events that strike at the heart of our clients' objectives.

Partners for Success

Burnaby Solutions believes in working together for success. We worked with tried and tested partners who offer the best logistic, venue management and other support to give our events the high value proposition that our clients and patrons have come to expect. We draw synergies from our local and international contacts, and seek collaborations with other organizations to endorse, partner, and sponsor our clients' events with a win-win outcome. By bringing together like-minded partners, we build lasting partnerships which can form the foundation for long-term signature events.